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Documentary film and TV maker Cherish Oteka is an insightful observer and visual translator of individual experiences related to race, sex, class, re...View Details

In our penultimate episode of 2021, Dario speaks to Frank Pavich the director of Jodorowsky's Dune and NYHC. With all the publicity and discussion ar...View Details

A Tale of Two Sisters, 2003, Editor Lee Hyeon-mi In this episode, Neil talks to one of Horror Cinema’s leading scholars and all-round creative force ...View Details

The first episode in our coverage of the London Film Festival. Dario and Neil discuss the blended format of the festival and the context by which one...View Details

This repost features director Mark Jenkin whose new release Bait opened last Friday (29th August 2019) to almost universal praise. Back in February 2...View Details

On the latest installment of the podcast, Neil shares the stage with one of his filmmaking heroes, director Julien Temple, before and after a screeni...View Details

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