This is part two of our interview with the seminal film scholar, critic, and composer Michel Chion. From the late 70s onwards Chion has been one of th...View Details

We are back with Season 15 of The Cinematologists podcast. To begin our new run we are starting with a real high point: a double episode featuring the...View Details

It was one of the highlights of The Cinematologists to have Peter Bogdanovich come on the podcast. One of the key links between Old and New Hollywood ...View Details

2021 review

A United Nations translator, negotiating through the Serbian occupation of Srebrenica; the avant-garde queerness of one the world's most influential b...View Details

In our penultimate episode of 2021, Dario speaks to Frank Pavich the director of Jodorowsky's Dune and NYHC. With all the publicity and discussion ar...View Details

In the latest episode, Dario talks to poet and activist So Mayer about their work on the recent Raising Films survey ‘How We Work Now’ about the impa...View Details

A Tale of Two Sisters, 2003, Editor Lee Hyeon-mi In this episode, Neil talks to one of Horror Cinema’s leading scholars and all-round creative force ...View Details

The second episode in our coverage of the London Film Festival is a bumper one with Dario and Neil discussing a ton of new movies from all over the w...View Details

The first episode in our coverage of the London Film Festival. Dario and Neil discuss the blended format of the festival and the context by which one...View Details

Independent Magazines

In this slightly longer than normal episode, Neil indulges his love of magazines by having conversations with editors of print magazines with a varyin...View Details

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