Season 12 of the Cinematologists is here. And we start with a bang. Episode 106 features an interview with legendary filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich discussing with Dario and Neil his beautifully crafted celebration of one of silent cinema's brightest stars: Buster Keaton. The Great Buster (released on DVD and Blu-ray on Monday 21st) reminds of the genius of Keaton's comedic imagination, covering his early years in vaudeville, his entry into cinema with the string of early two-reeler "gag-fests", the classic feature period in the twenties, and onto his later career where his autonomy was curtailed by the increasingly formulaic nature of the studio system. Throughout, however, even in his later years working in commercials, television, on stage, and in many films that couldn't live up to his talent, flashes of the comedic imagination are apparent along with the incredible physicality and understanding of action in shaping humour. Peter discusses Keaton's legacy in-depth, his influence on film aesthetics and grammar, the legacy of his masterpieces in the twenties including The General, along with pointing out the virtuoso elements in his lesser-known films. He also talks about the process of putting the documentary together, his ideas for changing the chronology, interviews with star contributors, and his own voice-over performance. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to spend time in the company of one of the pivotal filmmakers of American cinema as he discusses an icon of his own.

Thanks to Tom Finney of Blue Dolphin Films for setting up the interview and if you want to see the film at the cinema there is a screening and Q&A at London's fabulous Genesis cinema on the 29th of September, hosted by friend of the show Pamela Hutchinson.

Alongside this, we are delighted to premiere our new theme music, written exclusively for the Cinematologists by Welsh singer-songwriter Gwenno. Both Neil and Dario have long been fans of her sound. We recommend that you download her latest album Le Kov.

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