Ep127 - Season 13 Finale

To close out an epic season this final episode just finds Neil and Dario talking to each other, and responding to listener questions. This special episode, and the Patreon bonus episode, runs the gamut from the future of cinema, the death of horror cinema (or not?), lockdown viewing strategies, platonic male relationships, Strictly Ballroom, the BBC film Together, facial hair, celebrity lookalikes, Pedro Costa, ASMR and papyrus.

Thanks to Chloe, Dan, Brian, Andrew, Lee, Jason, Si, Guy, Mark, MarBelle and Chris for their input on this episode.

Thanks for another great season. See (& Hear) you all in the autumn.


Show Notes:

Link to Mark Hancock’s piece on Supernova, mentioned in the show.

The song featured in the show is Baloo My Boy by Jim Williams, from Ben Wheatley’s A Field in England.

The interview clip with Christian Petzold can be found on YouTube here.


Music Credits:

‘Theme from The Cinematologists’

Written and produced by Gwenno Saunders. Mixed by Rhys Edwards. Drums, bass & guitar by Rhys Edwards. All synths by Gwenno Saunders. Published by Downtown Music Publishing.


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